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"For things to change for you, you have to change." – Jim Rohn

What Needs to Change?

I'll help you implement simple yet effective changes in your daily routine to improve your mindset and ultimately your life & business.

Learn to master your mind for transformational change.

"The Right Mindset Makes
Anything Possible"

Learn to create sustainable business growth.

"Your Business Must Reflect
Who You Are"

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"The Best Place To Start Is
At The Beginning

Why Get a Business Coach?

Because Business Coaching is proven to get you better results more quickly.

Bespoke Business Coaching

If no two people are the same, neither can two businesses be. By working with me, you will discover new things about yourself and unlock your full potential.

By working with me, you will discover new things about yourself and unlock your full potential.

A positive mind leads to positive actions, and this leads to positive outcomes

Success Is a Game of Mindset Over Matter

If you’d like to get to know me more, check out my videos as I regularly share helpful, implementable advice on my website and YouTube channel.

Got a Specific Challenge?

The simple fact that you are here suggests you know something isn’t working for you right now, and you’re not sure how to change that.

The chances are you have got to where you are now either on your own or with limited help.

You should be congratulated – setting up in business and a making it a success it extremely difficult, especially in today’s volatile climate.

But to go from where you are now to where you want to be will require something different to what you’ve been doing, and that’s where I can help.

Whether we’re so caught up in day-to-day fire-fighting that longer-term strategy gets neglected, or whether we find ourselves doing absolutely anything and everything aside from that thing we know we should be doing, it’s all a case of getting out of our current mindset so that we can do things different – and that is far easier said than done! 

What you need is some counsel, some accountability and some discipline, and the right business coach gives you all three in one.

First, we need to take stock of where you are right now. Then we need to know where you want to be. We then work out the difference and create a workable plan to make that happen.

Sounds easy, right? Well, it is, but you already know that just because it sounds easy doesn’t make it easy in practice. This time it will be different though, because this time you will have me.

Most business coaches focus solely on the business activities. With me, you will learn that this is not sufficient to create sustainable business growth.

Together, we will give proper attention to critical aspects that support you and your business activities. This means we get right to the core of your business and build up from there. This becomes the anchor that creates stability and prevents unwanted drift.

Before any of the really exciting things can happen, we need to have a chat. Let’s see if I can help you and if we’re a good fit for each other. No pressure, no tricksy sales talk, just you, me, and maybe a coffee. Click here to book a call.

Yes, providing you commit to being coachable and make the necessary changes. You won’t see results overnight but so long as you put in the effort and create some new habits, I’ll even guarantee your success!

Why Work With Me?

I’ve been in business for over twenty years and have qualifications in business management and development as well as in executive coaching and mentoring.

It’s not all about qualifications and experience though. You and I would need to get along. If we’re not a good fit for each other then I will struggle to help you. If that seems to be the case, there may be someone I know who could be a better fit and I will aim to make that connection for you.

This is me: I’m 42, married (to a man), liberal, come from the city and now live on a farm. We have three dogs, two cats and some small farmyard animals. I enjoy hill walking with friends, UK and foreign travel, good company, talking current affairs, eating out at nice restaurants and being experimental with new foods. I’ve just started golfing, and I’m a not-so-secret fan of superhero movies, fantasy, and science fiction.

So How Does It Work?

Every single challenge you face in business can be solved with what’s inside your head. So, if you want to unlock your full potential, get in touch now. My offer to you is simple, easy and risk free.