How can I help?

There are a number of ways in which I can help you or your business succeed….

If you’re looking for services as an individual:

1:1 Coaching Services

Harry works internationally and is available for 1-1 success coaching via video link. Sessions are for 90 minutes/month, delivered either in one full session or in 2x sessions of 45 minutes each. Prices vary and longer-term programmes of 6 or 12 months are of best value. These also provide you with the greatest opportunity to overcome your barriers to success.

Beyond Development
Strategic Support

Beyond Development is a service provided to company leaders such as CEOs, Business Owners, Presidents and budding entrepreneurs. Harry provides advice and support in a primarily strategic capacity to support the company to achieve its objectives. Partners benefit with full access to Harry and qualify for free access to the online Beyond Development VIP Area where a wealth of additional success resources from Harry and other key thought leaders are made available.

Success Academy

Whatever level you are at, if you aspire for success, Harry’s Success Academy will benefit you. This 8-week online group programme covers essential key learning for both business and life success, providing the necessary foundations for health, wealth, and happiness, ensuring that by the end of the programme, participants have greater levels of confidence and competence to achieve their personal and professional goals.

If you represent a company or organisation:

Harry is available for Public Speaking events, Seminars and Workshops. Please email Harry to discuss your ideas.