People Possibilities:

People are not your greatest asset – but empowered people are! Now here’s the caveat: you cannot empower other people; you can only provide an environment and the opportunities for people to embrace.

When we do this, and people accept their new-found empowerment, the benefits of the development sessions are realised and both they are your organisation succeeds.

People are not your greatest asset – empowered people are!


Whether you’re looking to increase productivity, team synergy, competitiveness, customer satisfaction or profitability, or you recognise that it’s time for a new direction, strategy, expansion or diversification, what is essential to first recognise is that, no matter what, if you haven’t got the right people – and given them the right knowledge, skills and support – then you’ve already failed.

Running a successful business – whether it be an SME or a larger corporation – can be fraught with challenge. However, at Beyond Development we recognise that it all boils down to one simple equation: mindset = behaviour = results. So, no matter what it is that your company is seeking, let us show you the possibilities Beyond Development.

How we can help:

To help you best, the first step is for us to have a conversation about what you’re looking to achieve. The clearer you are with your vision, the better that discussion will be. However, you do not need to have something definitive in mind. If your company is being held back from achieving more, but you don’t know why, then do not worry because our very first task with every new corporate client is to conduct a thorough investigation into the current situation so that development opportunities can be identified and properly prepared for resolving.

By completing a Master’s level qualification in Executive Coaching and Mentoring, and through his association with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), Harry is becoming accredited as being within the top 5% of qualified Coaches within Europe. With the knowledge and resources at his disposal, coupled with an absolute commitment to delivering upon the results that you seek, you can have complete confidence in the services of Beyond Development.

Knowledge, resources and an absolute commitment to your success means you can have complete confidence in the services of Beyond Development.

What you can expect:

As with all our development opportunities, by engaging with us you will be securing for your company the very best in learning and development planning, delivery and follow-on after care services.

You’ll find the sessions packed full of energy, leading to lots of thought-provoking group discussions, self-discovery and challenge, and the most valuable learning and take-aways for you and your teams. Everybody will leave each session with plenty of useful notes and at least one new simple model or tool that they can put into practice straight way to ensure progress is being made on your intended upward trajectory.

Ensure success; go Beyond Development.

Working in small groups or teams, everyone can effectively build upon the knowledge and skills needed to achieve the organisational and professional objectives. Harry creates the right environment for open and honest group conversations that allow for the best progression opportunities each session. You and your teams will be inspired and challenged to put into practice the simple ideas, measures and tools we explore that are proven to maximise results. People will feel empowered with the confidence to stretch beyond their normal comfort zone and obtain those sought-after positive changes.


Bespoke development programmes for organisations are priced according to the individual requirements for that organisation. No matter what your specific needs, I invite you to contact me so that we can discuss your aspirations and provide you with a programme that will bring you the results that you seek while ensuring the very best in value for money and return on investment.

A bespoke programme can typically be designed and delivered for between £5,000 and £25,000.

Get in touch today:

Harry can be contacted directly via any of the following means. Get in touch today a let’s discuss how Beyond Development can help you and your organisation achieve more.

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