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Most people get started in business with a great idea and a mountain of motivation. And in lots of instances this works really well. For a time. What comes next though can be overwhelming because something more is now needed, and we just don’t know what that is or how to get it.

Which of these could you benefit from:

How Do I Know If I Need A Coach?

People don’t always recognise that they could benefit from working with a Coach, even when that could absolutely be the best thing they could do.

How many of the following scenarios sounds like you…

If you can recognise any of these statements, I encourage you to get in touch for a short one-to-one assessment call to see if Coaching could be the right fit for you.   

The PCR Method

If you have received coaching before, you may have felt like you were paying for ‘a bit of a chat’ with someone, and that nothing really ever came from your discussions. That’s not how I work. For me, Coaching is about working with my clients to confront their challenges head-on so that we quickly get to the root cause of the issues, eliminate them, and create new ways of working that deliver results.

This doesn’t need to be complicated. Running a successful business can and should be straightforward. I can show you how using my simple PCR Method for Success.

P: Planning

If you fail to prepare, be prepared to fail. Together we will ensure you have the right strategy with the right actions to create the results you want.

C: Coaching

When we know what you want and how to get it, you will receive regular coaching and consultancy support to ensure activity remains high, problems are solved, and momentum builds.

R: Review

Throughout our time together we gather valuable data to ensure that performance continues to build and intended outcomes are achieved.

Who Is Harry Armistead & What's His Story?

“Be defined by the actions you take from today, not by what has happened in the past”

It would be nice to think the road to get to where I am today was an easy one, but that would be as untrue as it would be unhelpful.

The simple truth is we all struggle at this game called life. Sometimes we win and sometimes we learn. Or, at least, we should.

I was a little late to learning. School was not a joy for me and by the time I finished my A-levels I was still at a loss as to what I wanted to do – though with reflection now, it was more a question of who I was and wanted to be rather than what I wanted to do (but that’s a whole other story for another time).

My mind was clouded with fears, doubts, negative self-talk, resentment, and jealousy. At the time, there was little understood and certainly nothing taught about mental health and the power of our own mindset, and so I was left to struggle on to try to find my own way forward. It genuinely could have led one of two ways.

By investing in self-development, I was able to identify where I was going wrong and, importantly, what I could do about it. This took me along different paths where all the while I was able to gain the learning and experiences necessary to create resilience in the face of adversity as well as certainty in how to keep getting better.

In 2014 I made the conscious decision to leave employment and start my own business in ‘business’. It wasn’t an easy path, but it did match my values and my interests, and so becoming successful at what I do was only a question of time.

Today, as a Business Coach, I support my clients to overcome their own psychological barriers to success, and work with them in partnership to create the right structures, systems and accountability so that we create a secure and sustainable pathway to achieving their goals and their interpretation of what success means to them.

If you’re looking to make positive changes to your life, it all starts with that first powerful conversation.

Upgrade Your Skills Build Your Life

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